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18 Sep 2014

The Vet Journey

Author: ferrelraejh | Filed under: Uncategorized

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So I was waiting in the carrier to be brought to an after hours pet hospital, but it seemed like it was taking forever. Gypsie was looking in on me, but I couldn’t understand her… I was a bit delirious from my whole ordeal. There was a lot of talking and noise… It looked like my humans were throwing the box spring and the bed frame out on the curb and I remember them saying some choice words as they threw the box spring to the curb. “Yeah you tell ’em!”,  I was thinking. Then I was being carried to the car…. Finally!

The first pet hospital we went to was over booked, but fortunately they were able to give me something for the pain before we left. I don’t remember much else, I was floating on pink clouds while we drove to the next place. I roused a bit when I heard my mom talking to the desk lady… They were refusing to do anything to help me until my humans had the money in their account. I got really scared because Gypsie told me about what happened to her brother Donut… They didn’t have the money for his life saving surgery so he was put to sleep.  …Oh God was that going to be me?!?

I breathed a sigh of relief when I heard my human say that they would have money later that day…. Something called student loans. It didn’t matter to the desk lady… She told my mom to take me to my regular vet in the morning and that the pain meds the other location gave me would hold me over til then…. She didn’t sound very convincing.

We returned home and I tried to sleep in the carrier as best as I could. Finally I was being carried out to the car again and luckily the vet was close because I was getting really sore.

Me before my surgery

Me before my surgery


The tech and vet were really kind and they were moved to help me in any way possible. I was admitted, given more pain meds and an examination… That was all they could do until the funds were in. I didn’t have to wait too long before my dad called in and paid for x-rays. Initially the x-rays were bad, but promising…  I had broken all four metacarpals, but They would just need to splint my leg.

My pink splint

My pink splint


They gave me a sedative and took more x-rays…. I was a little too wound up and feeling waaaaay to good to keep holding still for the scans so they didn’t get all the views they needed. After the new scans came in, the prognosis was not so good. I had another break in my ankle, my joint was destroyed and the tendons were badly injured. The surgeon was not sure he could fix it…. Then I heard words that made my heart sink. Amputation… They were considering amputation!?! Would they even want me if I were to be incomplete? Again I got scared. What if they didn’t think I could handle being an amputee? I could hear them over the phone and I knew the decision was a hard one. They went with amputation because the recovery time was shorter and there was no guarantee that surgery would save the leg. I was upset at first, but overjoyed that they still wanted me even if I was minus a leg.

The wonderful ladies that took care of me at Life Care Animal Hospital

The wonderful ladies that took care of me at Life Care Animal Hospital

The surgery was scheduled for the next day.  I was fitted with a splint and the sweet ladies at Life Care Animal Hospital made me comfortable. My human parents even came to visit me the next morning before surgery to reassure me. Thus begins my new journey as a tri-pawed kitty.

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2 Responses to “The Vet Journey”

  1. benny55 Says:

    Such an unbelievable story! And such a beautiful kitty!!

    You are a wonderfil advocate for your Misu!!! She will do WONDERFULLY well..and will never have to worry about that brutally cruel mattress again!!

    Looking forward to more updates AND pictures!
    Misu, your an excellent write andnhave chronicled your journey very well…a delightful read!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle

  2. jerry Says:

    Boy, your people must have been so upset and scared and frantic during this whole ordeal, trying to get the funds to pay for your surgery. And you, Misu, you were SO BRAVE while you waited. What a strong, strong kitty you are.

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